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I was so lucky to work with these brands and persons

This is where it all begins




I’ve been doing art my entire life. I started drawing and creating cartoon characters when I was around 4. Although they were somehow naive but it was a good start. I developed my interest in art world when I got the chance to receive teachings from great masters in painting such as Rooin Pakbaz(رویین پاکباز) Mr. Abolbaghi, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, and Akbar Golpaygani. Moreover, enjoying lessons from other masters such as Mr. Mehrdad khataie and Abdolhamid Pazuki ,Amin Aslani helped me to develop new techniques and skills, coming to a better understanding of different levels of the art painting.


My first professional experience in this field goes back to the time when I was officially hired as the web designer of a music school called Saze Khorshid, where I was also pursuing my passion for traditional music. Giving me the opportunity to put my talent to good use, this experience led me to study Animation in Tehran University. To me, those days look like a dream coming true.


University and Freelancing


milad kardan working on stop motion animation
Milad, while working on a stop-motion animation

I had tons of Ideas but sometimes i got the chance to try them and sometimes they were remain just ideas. Back then (Later on), I was privileged to participate in Fajr Music Festival as their video designer. Working with Pournazeri Brothers and Kaveh Grayli was a great experience the Festival brought to me. In the meantime, I graduated from the University with an associate degree in Animation, and right afterwards I was lucky to get a job in Shahre Farsh as their illustrator and video-motion designer.


Joining to the Wonderful ZOOMIT


Not too long after, I joined (Kojaro and Zoomg are its legitimate children). According to Alexa ranking, this corporation is the 30th website in Iran, meaning they are one of the leading websites in the field of technology in Iran.


The founder of the Zoomit is Mr. Masood Youssef Nejad, and thanks to him I found my rightful place in their production line, where I also learned how to work under tough conditions in terms of workload, time management, dealing with other Co-member as a teamwork etc., all helping me to develop my skills further as a professional in the business.






In Zoomit, I worked in different sections, to name but a few: video-design, motion graphics, filming and shooting, as well as graphic designs which was published in the digital space. After three years of working and learning, with much hesitation inside, I finally made up my mind to leave zoomit in order to give myself another chance to get acquainted with newer fields.


left the ZOOMIT and freelancing again




Although it was a tough decision to become a freelancer, my past unique experiences enabled me to find more job offers and opportunities to embark on great projects, quicker than my expectation. Working independently with bigger companies and corporations surely added weight to my career growth, a short list of which is as follows: Oman Air, an international company making promoting vide. MECH brand,designing and developing a WordPress full functional website with 2 language, GF fittings, one of the largest companies in malleable fittings in the world, Tehran Salam for Municipality of city of Tehran ,Visual Identity Design for Payam Sportsand many others


milad kardan on set filming with 5d mark iv yegane tuning
Milad Kardan on a film set, shooting with 5d mark iv Yegane Tuning

LASTSECOND, RM Innovation, and …


In the beginning of August 2018, I joined as senior graphic designer.also this was the time, i got married. This job led me to make a specialty in conceptual design and visual identity for brands.At the same time, the opportunity in external cooperation with several other companies like, Pejvak Computer and Satya, helped me to build a whole different skill set.


subsequently I left Lastsecond because of financial problems which occurs to my family. after a while i joined RM Innovation an iranian-amarican company which located in United state and Istanbul. after a few month i had to back to Iran because of my mother in law hard situation(she got cancer). I’m Still freelancing and co operating with different companies here and out there.


If you can design one thing, you can design everything, according to chris do. Strange to say, it was with me all the time.