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Playsee, an app available on both iOS and Android, is a map-based social platform featuring geotagged short videos.
Playsee is about traveling and making friends while having fun!
Eat, play, and travel from the eyes of our global community.
Playsee Guides are local guides in the form of avatars. Each user
has a Playsee Guide to represent themselves on Playsee.

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At the beginning of November, 2019, I got the chance to undertake a design package for the playsee. The Playsee set the objectives for me, and the goals that were expected to design were clearly stated in order. Choosing the appropriate style that matches the company's identity and the application was very challenging. I should have started very quickly, since it was only seven days deadline. I started with the design of App ui by changing its ux. I designed 6 variation with different aspect and style. for the Landing page I decided to go by their avatars. i took the idea and built on them my style and my perspective. most of the jobs done in illustrator and then in order to develop parallax effect animated them in after effect. it was a great experience for me.hope you enjoy it

Play see design package