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Illustration and Poster design for Mohsen Namjoo’s Concert in Stuttgart 2019

to design this Poster I’ve considerate a lot of things. the first thing which i think was the major factor in my design was Mohsen namjoo‘s Personality and his style of performance. HE plays the Setar, a traditional Persian lute, and is a master of classical Persian literature and poetry. But the sounds he draws from the instrument, along with his deep voice and his playful but subtly cutting lyrics about growing up in an Islamic state, have made Mohsen Namjoo the most controversial, and certainly the most daring, figure in Persian music today.

some call him a genius, a sort of Bob Dylan of Iran.

having said that, i decided to choose line drawing. its the basic and oldest way of illustration. i think comic art is the nearest example of the way he mimics his idea by his music.

Color Design

Mohsen namjoo is sometimes white and sometimes black, he’s playing with his tone as a shades of gray. further more he screams sometimes which he wants us to warn he wants to enlightenment with this kind of scream,so i think yellow is perfect match.



for choosing typeface i wanted to show something unique and also traditional. I picked Montserrat sans serif which is designed by Julieta Ulanovsky who is  an Argentinian designer that he inspired by some old typography which remains from the ancient time, but he changed them into new form to represent new manner.

montserrat typography choosed for Mohsen Namjoo's Concert

Gathering images & Sketching

i’ve looked through many images.i searched for an image which it has story telling about him and it could convey a message.

now it’s the time for doodling.i had this idea to combine persian setar with guitar like to snake, which he can use them in a different style and manner.

and Finally i used illustrator to coloring and finishing my idea.

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