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Essenol Oil Company Branding

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The Essenol brand is a german innovator of synthetic motor oils. Essenol advanced full synthetic motor oils keep important engine parts in excellent condition.they wanted me to show Their power,Dignity and quality with a hard edge cut and very firm shapes through entire designs.
I designed Packages and Branding for was started with a broad interviews with the customers and experts in the industry to find the real and valuble information about the oil enginge. then I decided to select all the information ,devided, catagorised and sorted them in a good and manner to find some adjectives that similars to the brand. I jotted down every little detail about the oil engine and it showed me a clear path to find a suitable languge for the Brand.

Package Design

was a real challange for me because it was my first time to exprience package design. I’ve read many articles about the proccess and the important thing wich I have to keep in the design for the sake of better exprience for users. I’ve intreviewd with 15 people to understand what makes them feel easy and safe to fill an enginge with an oil enginge .then I research many famous oil engines packages and learnt about their system.  during the design proccess I changed many things and I redesiden the package many times. first I design at the paper, then after first approval from the clients I designed them in photoshop. then I built a 3d form of the desing in Zbrush and Correct topology and its sizing in C4d.  It was really huge and hard process because I almost forgotten everything about the 3d program ,but at the end I did the job excellently. I’ve had to design two diffrent model, in order to have 1 litr. and 4 litr. packages. the calculation and measuring was my duty and after some test I came up with the right size and shapes. I rendered them in Keyshot and it was a really fun part.

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